Quality Control

To create, protect, and improve quality and to meet customers’ demands economically in the ever-changing and developing world of today have become an indispensable responsibility of producers.


ERSAN Energy aspires to improve quality of the products and/or services made for meeting customers’ expectations, to deliver them faultlessly and wholly at the right time, and to ensure unconditional customer satisfaction.


The company using ISO 9001 quality management systems, ISO14001 Environmental management systems and OHSAS 18001 Occupational health and safety management systems actively, makes full control beginning from materials’ entry into the factory until they are packaged and taken out of the factory, and all defects are reported and corrected instantly.


Each material is subjected to observations and tests in terms of quality, size and shape, and it is checked by means of visual and measurement tests and through assembly, if required until it is put into final form. Any deviation or damage detected is handled and fixed according to ERSAN Energy quality control procedures.