ERSAN Energy is engaged in the manufacture and sale of lattice type steel towers including electricity transmission towers, GSM towers and substation steel structures and polygonal poles used in electricity transmission and telecommunication industries.


The Company was established in 1998 by three individuals and since then has gradually expanded operations and become one of the leading suppliers in Turkey and globally (82 countries, 5 continents).


The Company’s headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Kazan Ankara. The Company’s facilities are established on a 100,000 m² land with a total closed area of about 20,000 m²

The Company currently has a steel fabrication capacity in reality of 100,000 tons per year and employs about 250 people. ERSAN Energy is one of the most well known suppliers of lattice towers in Turkish Market.


ERSAN Energy has established companies in Cambodia, Turkmenistan, Dubai and Uganda in recent years as needed to manage its contracting projects in export markets.