Health and Safety & Environmental


We know that the way to become a leader in our country and the international area and achieve a successful profile is through healthy and safe work environments and of course employees that are given continuing safety trainings. We care about protecting the environment and our employees to work in safety in production, shipment, assembly and field services, and we are aware that there is no end to improvement on this matter, and we prefer following continuous and sustainable policies. To have healthy employees and environment is among our constant objectives.

ERSAN Group explains its principles of occupational safety, health and environment as follows:

We know that occupational safety is a cultural issue. Most of our behaviors are determined by our habits. In the circumstances, we are aware that the way to build safe behavioral patterns as cultural acquisition is through regular training and determined administrative attitudes.

To direct our employees, subcontractors and all shareholders with 7/24 zero accident concept, to take necessary precautions and to move the matter beyond corporate rules in our business life are very important, and of course, essential principles for us.

We, as ERSAN Group know for certain that we are responsible for our world, the importance of healthy life and individuals. We know that the way to “life safely” is through “safe work environment” and “safe actions” and we accept this as our work ethics.

Our companies are inspected with OHSAS 18001 management system and we comply with all laws, particularly worker health and safety. Thus, we care about this matter every day and hour in our companies through the special methods we developed, training procedures, continuous observation and improvements, and we know that there is no end to this.

To continue to direct both ourselves and our environment on this matter by means of sustainable practices and determined administrative approaches and to learn more are among our most important purposes. Safety culture is related to the procedure applied and adherence to the decisions made continuously. Conditions of risk assessment, quick resolution of inconveniences and of course to help people understand the importance of these are our fundamental duties.

We believe that people need to make conscious decisions by protecting their personal values and healthy integrity, and they firstly need to protect their personal life in their work and we adopt this as a principle


We attach importance to the sustainable environmental approach we have gained in compliance with 14001 Environmental Management System and Turkish Environmental Laws we apply.

We, as ERSAN Global, attach importance to achieve innovative and sustainable environmental works on environment and global warming as is the case with all of our works.

We always aim to work with holistic, transparent, and reliable administrations in our environmental works with “sustainability” consciousness adopted by experts.

Our aim is to undertake the responsibility required for production, service and healthy environmental life cycle.

With this approach, we manage our operations by taking account of environmental impacts at all phases of our processes.

Corporate Environmental Policy

We establish and apply our environmental standards beyond legal obligations.
We aim for perfection by sharing information and experience between between fields.
We adopt preventive approach in all of our operations to improve our environmental performance continuously.
We determine and manage environmental risks.
We try to apply the best production techniques possible.
We monitor environmental developments and contribute to sustainability.
We support environmental awareness and information sharing for our lives, employees, subcontractors and the society and we pay attention to be part of it.
We check for compliance while performing environmental practices beyond legal obligations.
We determine all of our environmental impacts; develop an objective, program and monitoring systematics; review them, and take preventive measures for improvement.
We determine organizational roles, responsibilities and authorizations in technology, finance and human resources, and we enable our employees to gain environmental awareness.
We establish our business standards with preventive approach, and we ensure they are applied by everyone including our employees, suppliers and contractors.
We detect the risks that may harm the environment through proactive approach while we are carrying out out operations; we try to take precautions to minimize them on time and in full.
We pay attention to protect natural resources and efficient use and recycling of raw materials and energy sources in the manner not to affect product quality.
We set targets for energy and waste management and use of natural resources and apply them. While we aim for continuous improvement through clean products and clean production technologies, we assume environmental responsibility for our products and services.
We report our operations clearly, while we facilitate access to information.