Objectives & Principles


ERSAN Group prioritizes healthy and good quality development with its employment, production and servicing according to up-to-date QUALITY and STANDARDS in the international area.

It continues to be an exemplary company in terms of reliability and continuity along with the experience and practice the employees have gained like the founders.

It aims to maintain its loyalty and prestige in the cooperations it has established with the country, its employees, customers and shareholders based on “TRUST, QUALITY, CONTINUITY”.

ERSAN Group explains its Objectives and Principles as follows:

To stand by our employees and customers, to create value with our products and production, to act steady in quality, time planning and wages policy, and to stand by our customers also in after-sales service are our primary objectives. Happy employees and satisfied customers are our greatest reference.

To allow for innovative attitude through continuing training, human resources, and handing down experience with our new-generation managers and employees, to be open to applicable developments, to make attempts and to create resources for them and to ensure these resources in sensible choices are among our priorities.

Sometimes, the events which occur beyond our power and control may affect our situation in both our daily life and business life. We, as ERSAN Group, establish a top level crisis desk with maximum care and effort in favor of our customers in such cases and create an action plan. And of course we create and put solutions into practice quickly. Maybe, we mostly made a hit with our customers through this effort and indispensable concept. Therefore, we can easily say that there is no crisis without a solution.

We know that the way to become a leader in our country and the international area and achieve a successful profile is through healthy and safe work environments and of course employees that are given continuing safety trainings. We care about protecting the environment and our employees to work in safety in production, shipment, assembly and field services, and we are aware that there is no end to improvement on this matter, and we prefer following continuous and sustainable policies. To have healthy employees and environment is among our constant objectives.

We have a growing power and we progress with big and sound steps through the experience of our founders, their sensitivity in handing down their experience, various in-house trainings, and our acknowledged personnel. We know that quality in service can be achieved through the quality of our employees and we take pains to fulfill this responsibility by allowing them to improve and of course by creating opportunities and staying in solidarity.

Wherever and whoever we work, the promise we give is above signatures on paper for us. To work with good faith and attitude in an honest and fair way, to obey laws and moral rules are our most important responsibilities towards ourselves, our employees, their families, our customers and their lives. To pass down a proper legacy to next generation, to have principles and set an example are among our valuable and special purposes.

To contribute to economy of our country, to mediate exportation more, to become known with more quality and effective production all around the world, to protect our democratic rights and improvement are important for both our country and the future. To stay loyal to our country, to adhere to continuous development and to care about our prestige in the world are among our objectives with the highest priority.