Letter of Chairman


Our valuable employees, business partners, shareholders;

We as ERSAN Group have a growing and steady momentum as long as we are at this point and on the road we have taken since our establishment.

Although we have long years of pre-experience, the roof of ERSAN Group where we have been together since 1998 has become and will keep becoming an organization to fill us all with pride.

We have the pride of achieving the point we have come by increasing our profitability and our growth target through constant developments and investments successfully. We are trying to act reasonably to be innovative and entrepreneur more through the advantages of trying and using “the first” in our sector many times, and following the time and developments.

Changing expectations and preferences obliges us to take very quick and rational actions. We care about realizing and adapting to changes in this order.

The world is changing, and of course we have to contribute to this change with a productive concept by protecting the humanitarian values we have, to be up-to-date to be able to hold our place in the developing global market, and to be open to innovations.

As ERSAN Group, we are determined to maintain our quick response to needs and analytical action against problems without making concessions on quality.

To create sustainable values in all the works we have done and undertake to do, and to act steadily will always be our principles.

We will continue to contribute to our employees, customers, and shareholders by adding value to all environments we are in and by creating employment.

Dear employees, business partners, and shareholders;

Never neglect precaution, safety and development against the difficulties of particularly industry and business life. It is extremely important for us to maintain this process healthily and safely. Therefore, keep in mind that you are the most important actors of physically and spiritually healthy and safe world and business life. The most successful precautions and corrective actions can be achieved through your contributions. This is a very important cooperation. For this reason, we can have a “health business and environment” only by means of your participation. Thank you for being a part of this cooperation with us on this matter.

At this point we have come so far, we pride ourselves on the brand value we have created as ERSAN Group.

At this point we have come by creating differences will continue in the future by means of our progressive approaches, you can be sure of that.

Finally: As ERSAN Group, I thank our employees, customers and shareholders standing by us in all the ways we have made for success so far.