HR & Career


It is essential to ensure contemporary management mentality is adopted and to contribute to implementation of this mentality in the manner to fully support objectives and performance of ERSAN Group and its Subsidiaries in the sectors they operate in order to create a target-oriented staff in them.

To create, improve and maintain continuity of skilled labor in their fields of activity,

To provide working conditions suitable for training, abilities, knowledge and skills of the personnel and equal opportunities for training and improvement, and to promote the personnel,

To ensure respect between administrative levels and employees of ERSAN Group and its Subsidiaries, loyalty to the company, and a peaceful and efficient working condition to increase the will to work and establish human relations,

To create conditions to improve efficiency and ensure occupational safety at every level,

To meet personnel needs primarily from internal resources of ERSAN Group and its Subsidiaries,

To employ the personnel within the staff approved by authorized bodies of ERSAN Group and its Subsidiaries.

It is important for our colleagues to have the following competencies and characteristics in all departments in ERSAN Group companies.

We can summarize them as follows:

To be determined and conscious,

Suitable for teamwork,

Open to communication and cooperation,


Creative and entrepreneur,

Willing to improve himself and his environment,


Adaptable to diversity,

Sensitive to customers.