The company was established as ERSAN in 1998, and experience of its founders in the sector dates back to much earlier time. ERSAN Group is the product of experience and accumulation gained in many areas of the sector for years. The company established by ErkanAstarcı, Hasan Doğru, and Ali Güzey, has always had a positive momentum beginning from the starting point up to now.

The company having justified pride of being a partner that has proven its quality and loyalty both at home and abroad takes pains to maintain its development in accordance with its objectives with the vision of going ahead step by step all the time. We have become one of the successful companies not only in Turkey, but many places around the world through the objective of continuous improvement and change.

ERSAN Group has acted with “TRUST” principle in its development process and all the works it has carried out for its employees, affiliates, customers and of course for the country, and based all these relations on this foundation; it is a company that captured the hearts with its successful and intimate attitude in all relations it has established, and that is in demand and chooses to develop continuously.