Ersan Aerospace


ERSAN AEROSPACE & INDUSTY INC. is a company of Ersan Energy Group. ERSAN Galvanizing Energy Co. Inc. which is a part of ERSAN Group, has started to serve in the sector of Aerospace Industry under the field of machining with the vision of becoming one of the main actors in this sector. Ersan has reserved 1000m² closed area for the machining production line which is located in Kazan, Ankara and is able and ready to expand the volume depending on the market needs. ERSAN is the product of experiences and accumulations that have progressed in many points of the sector for years. Founded by Hasan DOĞRU and Ali GÜZEY, the company has always had a positive momentum from the point it started to the present day.


The machining production line consists of with the highest technology machineries and equipment in order to serve with the best quality and the company is certified by AS9100, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 Quality management systems. Moreover, the company is using 5S and Kaizen techniques actively, which makes full control beginning from materials’ entry into the factory until they are packaged and taken out of the factory, and all defects are reported and corrected instantly.


Vision; to maintain being the first implementer of developments by constantly following the latest technology with an innovative attitude in our fields of activity, and to be a leader in the sector by creating permanent differences. Mission; to manage our values with our reliable, competitive and stable policies in accordance with the "best management" conditions of the day; To take world companies as an example in the implementation of institutional and management systems, to provide our customers with the best quality and best in time and in the most advantageous way, to ensure cooperation trust.


In the field of aerospace; it is committed to fulfilling all applicable requirements in machining production, always, just in time and in a complete manner, aims to exist in the sector in the domestic and foreign market, the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, its processes, the objectives of the processes, its products comply with the AS9100 standard. It is committed to its development in a way that meets the requirements against all add-ons and its continuous improvement.