Vision, Mission, Quality


To keep being the first actor that implements developments by constantly keeping pace with the latest technology with an innovative attitude in our areas of activity and become a leader in the sector by making permanent differences.


To manage all the values we have by means of our reliable, competitive and steady policies in accordance with “optimal management” conditions of the day; to take world companies as an example in implementing corporation and management systems; to establish trust in cooperation by offering the finest quality and the best to our customers on time and in the most advantageous way.


ERSAN Group, adopts the following factors in its quality policy. Accordingly, ERSAN Group;

Gives an opportunity to its employees to improve themselves and assume new responsibilities. It has a large technical staff that is open to learning, believes in the merit of working hard and has sound basic knowledge under a top level staff that is knowledgeable, experienced, honest, and warm-hearted towards its employees. It adopts a management mentality to enable its employees to love their company, improve it by using their creative powers and keep their excitement at top-level all the time.

Its administrative staff consists of young, dynamic, freethinking, and open-minded people who internalized the company’s mission and vision, works willingly and fondly to achieve the objectives, comprehend contemporary business principles, and believe in the power of sharing and teaming.

Implements the requirements of Quality Management System it established exactly and improves its efficiency all the time.

Regularly provides the products that meet customer’s demands and provisions of applicable legal regulations while carrying out the work it undertakes.

Assures its customers that it produces the products having the same quality and meeting their conditions and provisions of legal regulations; it increases customer satisfaction by applying the system effectively.

Reviews its quality policy continuously in order to ensure expediency.

Continuously reviews and improves the objectives set in accordance with its policy.

Increases its competitiveness without making concessions on quality in different environments and conditions while carrying its domestic reputation and prestige abroad and getting into international markets.

Carries out every work in the same quality and by using the most advanced technological means; it tries to be more successful every time.

Creates effective control and monitoring opportunity by using contemporary management information systems.